From large corporations hosting staff or client functions, to family and friends gathering for special occasions, we will gladly assist you with all your function décor requirements. We assist in any way to create memorable and fantastic functions! And it is one of our secret thrills that we get so much repeat business!

The décor is used to set the right tone of the function. Décor choices are based on what mood the organiser wants to set - relaxing or formal, or one that can evolve as the night's revelry unfolds. We have created massive surprises for guests (or surprised VIPs) by utilising drapings, props and curtains to simply screen off different parts of the venue.

We are willing to travel literally to the ends of the earth if our schedule allows for it and all the logistics and risks are manageable. Our motto (in Afrikaans) is "Niks is onmoontlik nie" which translates to "Nothing is impossible". But obviously there are things which are impossible! In these cases we work with the client to achieve an acceptable alternative.

We have grouped our function services into sections on lighting, drapings and corporate events. But we offer far more than just these! Please browse our theme and wedding sections to get a better idea of what else we can provide for any function. Our extensive hiring division spans many years of business and contains items that have met changing client requirements during that time. At this stage, we can make or source almost anything that you require that we do not already have!

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